About us

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Anzhuo hardware had 15years experience of sliding system hardwre and bearing industry. We design and manufacture safty,relliable,quality hardware 

with reasonable price,include sliding and folding and custom system.We do know what customers want.Our hardware design is sicentific and simple,

easy to install and convenient for customer, help customer save much time and money. we will according to customer requirement, to select best suitable

hardware,like Interior or Exterior application.customer can get what they real want.For the sliding and folding hardware, from bearing,injection wheels,

punching process,precison die casting and assemble, we control every step quality.So that we can guarantee all of hardware quality.

We did many testings,include:

50 000 to 100 000 cycles tims testing.

50KG to 200 KG static loading and dynamic loading testing.

Salt spray and bad conditional environment testing.

Running performance and safty testing.

our system running very silent and stady,no moveable good performance.

We do know the bearing and injection wheels are very important, so we choose ABEC-1 Chrome or stainless steel bearing, and injection wheels material

are Dopont 100P and PA66 or special Material.

Actually, we are not selling products, we are provide a solution for customer.they are like us do this for them.

We also according to customer requirement to custom quality and sicentific products, in the meantime,we are also teaching customer and help them get

more knowledge about the industry.Our main customers from Germany,UK,France,Siwiss,Poland,Italy,USA,Canada,Austrialia etc.

We welcome to your inquiry and question, we will give you the best suitable solution and service.